Bespoke colony management

A certified animal facility serving the scientific community

For over 60 years, the TAAM’s renowned installations and technical expertise, together with its extensive catalogue of mouse lines, have made it a major player in the field.

Our pole –Bespoke colony management– is constantly evolving to adapt to the demands of research (renewing equipments and installations, increasing housing capacity, adapting to specific needs…).

The TAAM zoo-technicians deploy their skills at your request and offer you a wide range of services: generations of cohorts, monitored mating, customised regimen, experimentation …

Our genetic and microbiological analysis process ensures continuous, reliable and standardised monitoring of genetically-modified mouse or rat models.

So that your wishes and needs are respected as closely as possible, a specifically assigned project manager is at your side from start to end of your project in order to define, with you, the best strategy for managing your lines.

The TAAM offers three types of housing for murine models of various health statuses.

Open-top cages in protected zone
Ventilated rack systems

Health statuses proposed for housing your rat or mouse lines :

  • Axenic / Gnotobiotic
  • SOPF (Specified and Opportunistic Pathogen Free)
  • SPF (Specified Pathogen Free)
  • Conventional

* SPF and SOPF statuses are defined according to the reference lists proposed by FELASA recommendations: Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA).