The TAAM has built a network of collaboration with national and international scientific partners.

The TAAM is one of the principal founding  members of the EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive) network whose purpose is to ensure the preservation, typing and distribution of genetically modified lines of mice (and, more recently, rats) which are of interest for research in biology, medicine and pharmaceutics.

Covering a surface area of 8500 m², the TAAM unit has an infrastructure and state of the art, high-tech equipments which operate 24/7.

The TAAM maintains high health, regulatory and ethical standards within these installations.

Since 2011, in the context of investments for the future, the TAAM has been one of the three national partners of the research infrastructure PHENOMIN, the national infrastructure CELPHEDIA and the pan-European infrastructure INFRAFRONTIER.

The TAAM has been ISO 9001 certified since January 2008 and NFX50-900 certified since 2014. The entire staff of the TAAM is committed to providing its clients with a service of quality in full respect of the rules of ethics and animal welfare to which we are all profoundly attached.

Since 1996, the TAAM, as part of EMMA, has contributed to setting up and running a cryo-bank of over 4400 mouse lines of scientific interest and to making these models available to the community.

Applications for archiving (submitting) or obtaining the model (Requests) are made via the INFRAFRONTIER internet site.

All animals supplied by EMMA carry the EOPS health status in accordance with FELASA recommendations.

The TAAM is a founding member of the pan-European infrastructure, INFRAFRONTIER.

It aims to build a world-class research infrastructure which provides the bio-medical research community with the tools necessary for understanding the role of genes in human diseases.

One of its missions is to provide an archiving and distribution service for strains of mice of scientific value by means of the EMMA network, one of the main references for mice in the world.

As part of INFRAFRONTIER, the TAAM hosts a collection of over 1000 mutant and transgenic mouse models, in the form of embryos or frozen sperm, which are available via the EMMA network and which can be distributed throughout the world.

INFRAFRONTIER clients over the world