With over 4000 cryo-conserved lines, the TAAM has demonstrated its great expertise in cryo-preserving mouse and rat lines in embryo and/or sperm form.  We provide researchers with the possibility of preserving their lines by offering services tailored to their needs.

Researchers can also freeze their lines free of charge by adhering to the European programme EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive) – In return for this complimentary service, the researcher agrees to authorise distribution of the line submitted to the scientific community at large.

Services on offer :

  • Embryo freezing: with in vivo viability test
  • Sperm freezing: with in vitro or in vivo viability test
  • Secure archiving: each line is split and stored on 2 separate sites
  • Distribution: possible to lease a dry shipper to dispatch straws
Embryo selection
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan
Transport cryo-container
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan
Nitrogen container for straw archiving
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan