With its 5 buildings on a surface area of 8500 m², the TAAM unit has an infrastructure and high-tech equipments making it possible to :

  • House animal colonies in controlled conditions (temperature, air, pressure) in association with various services of health monitoring, molecular biology and cryo-preservation.

  • Perform operations of small animal imaging.

These installations, which are essential for the activities of the TAAM unit, function in a highly demanding context as far as health, regulatory and ethical standards are concerned.

Complying continuously with such standards requires installations and technical equipment which operate 24/7.

– 10 000 ventilated rack cages
– 3 000 conventional cages
– 50 medium and large capacity isolators
– Mobile isolators for transportation
– Protected zones
– Autoclaves and tunnel washers
– Microbiological safety cabinets

– Cryo-containers on two protected sites
– Microscopes and binocular loupes
– Thermal cyclers for line genotyping

– Ultrasound scanner coupled to photo-acoustic imaging (Vevo LAZR®)
– SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) scanner (NanoSPECT/CT®)
– PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanner (eXplore Vista®)
– CT scanner (Scanner X Skyscan 1278®)
– Bioluminescence and fluorescence, near infra-red imaging (IVIS Lumina®)

Equipment dedicated to housing activities
Equipment dedicated to cryo-archiving and genotyping activities
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan
Equipment dedicated to imaging activities
© TAAM / Gilles Kagan