Microbiological Diagnostics

Thanks to its well-established experience, the TAAM is able to offer reliable, accurate health diagnostics (in accordance with all FELASA recommendations) which meet the expectations of the scientific community: parasitological and bacteriological analyses, serological tests.

In response to increasing demands for formalisation, the service has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and NFX 50-900 since 2014.

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The microbiological diagnostic service is equipped with a dedicated animal facility for housing the animals in ventilated racks. All care is taken not only to ensure their welfare but also to avoid any contamination whilst awaiting results of analyses (<72h).

Autopsy of animals and all samples are performed under a specially adapted dissection hood.  Macroscopic and microscopic examinations are conducted under a binocular loupe and phase contrast microscopes.

Microbiological analyses are performed on both liquid and solid media in various temperature and aerobic conditions. Colonies are identified by mass spectrometry.

Serological analyses employ MFIA technology (Multiplexed Fluorometric Immunoassay™).

Certain microbial agents are detected with PCR analyses.

The TAAM can take charge of live animals and ventilated rack filtering systems or can propose a non-invasive method: the TAAM-KIT.

TAAM - Kit
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Bacteriology after plating
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Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the means and techniques best adapted to your needs. We can also help you set up your health monitoring programme.