Who are we

The TAAM is a support and research unit which offers a wide range of services around model rats and mice for fundamental, biomedical and pharmaceutical research.

For almost 70 years, 50 engineers and technicians have been applying their skills and expertise daily at the service of the scientific community by:

  • Offering a range of high-tech services around 7 poles of expertise: exploration through multimodal in vivo imaging, bespoke colony management, experimentation design and follow-up, management of axenic and gnotobiotic colonies, cryopreservation and assisted reproduction, genetic and microbiological analysis and distribution of models in France and abroad.
  • Responding to researchers’ expectations by innovating,
  • Contributing to the transfer of knowledge by training students and by participating in scientific and technical training programmes designed for research laboratory engineers and technicians.
Mice at the service of Men © TAAM

Covering a surface area of 8500 m², the TAAM unit has an infrastructure and state of the art, high-tech equipments which operate 24/7.

The TAAM maintains high health, regulatory and ethical standards within these installations.

Since 2011, in the context of investments for the future, the TAAM has been one of the three national partners of the research infrastructure PHENOMIN, the national infrastructure CELPHEDIA and the pan-European infrastructure INFRAFRONTIER.

The TAAM has been ISO 9001 certified since January 2008 and NFX50-900 certified since 2014. The entire staff of the TAAM is committed to providing its clients with a service of quality in full respect of the rules of ethics and animal welfare to which we are all profoundly attached.

Do not hesitate to contact the TAAM in order to develop the answers to your needs.