X-ray imaging

Provision of services of X-ray imaging (X-ray, CT scan)


2D X-rays and CT scans (or 3D X scanner) are anatomical imaging procedures based on X-ray attenuation by biological tissue.

Bone metastasis after prostate cancer identified by X scanner

Examinations performed

  • Skeleton: screening for anomaly or malformation, characterisation of lytic or condensing metastases
  • Lungs: determination of tumoral volume, detection of metastases or anomalies
  • Kidneys: angiography, urography (with contrast agents)
  • Digestive tract: transit (with contrast agent)
  • Liver: detection of metastases (with contrast agent)


– 1 2D high resolution X imager (MX-20, Faxitron) with digital detector (Flat Panel, Hamamatsu)

– 1 X scanner (Bruker 1278), resolution: 50µm