Welcome to the TAAM unit

Typing and Archiving of Model Animals
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Welcome to the TAAM unit

Typing and Archiving of Model Animals

The TAAM is a Support and Research Unit of the CNRS, attached to the INSB of the CNRS (Institut des Sciences Biologiques – Institute of Biological Sciences).

The TAAM offers a wide range of services around model rats and mice, for fundamental, biomedical and pharmaceutical research.

In Vivo Imaging

The pole of Exploration through Imaging proposes, to the scientific community of public or private researchers, its technical and scientific skills in its fields of expertise: murine model phenotyping, cancer research, infectology, inflammation and drug delivery.

Almost 70 years of experience

Murine models exported all over the world

A staff of 55


The TAAM is one of the three national partners of the PHENOMIN infrastructure, award winner of investments for the future in Biology and Health in 2011.

It is also a member of the national infrastructure CELPHEDIA (Création, Elevage, Phénotypage, Distribution et Archivage de modèles vertébrés – Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution and Archiving of vertebrate models).


The TAAM is one of the platforms of the pan-European infrastructure INFRAFRONTIER; it is one of the main centres of archiving, axenisation and distribution of murine models.

The TAAM has also been recognised as an IBISA platform, (Infrastructures en Biologie, Santé et Agronomie – Infrastructures in Biology, Health and Agronomy), since 2001.