Certified ISO 9001 since January 2008 and NFX 50-900 since January 2014 for all of its activities of service provision and research and development, the TAAM is recognised as demonstrating expertise in the fields of bespoke colony management (EOOPS/SOPF, axenic, gnotobiotic), cryopreservation and assisted reproduction, genetic and microbiological analysis, distribution of murine models and small-animal exploration through in-vivo multi-modal imaging.

The TAAM is a technological research Platform which is IBiSA (Infrastructure de Biologie, Santé et Agronomie) (Infrastructure of Biology, Health and Agronomy) certified since 2007, open on the national level and admitting external researchers.

In 2017, the TAAM contributed to the ISO 9001 certification of the PHENOMIN Infrastructure for “Strategic steering and coordination of the National Infrastructure in Biology and Health for phenogenomics of the mouse”.

Since then, the TAAM has been contributing to maintaining this certification.